I've been practicing Street Fighter 4 for a while now. The reason is NorCal Regionals SF4 tournament. It's going to happen in this coming Nov 21-22. I can't believe it! One week to go... I am not sure if I can get anything, but as always:

"everything is beautiful in its time"

Trino, is finally released on Xbox Live Community Games! You can simply sign in to Xbox Live, go to Game Marketplace --> Community Games. You will be able to find Trino there! For those who haven't tried / buy Trino, check out the game! Smile

So exciting~~
We’ve just submitted our game to CG. Currently, it’s still in review. If you have XNA Creators Club member, please help us to review the game! Just go to http://creators.xna.com, login with your account, click games –> review game. Thanks!